Are you a registered buisness?

We are a registered cattery - we are registered with Cat Fanciers' Association and our cats' lineage is tracked, our kittens are registered and tracked. We are not a business - we only have two breeding cats and only allow two litters per year. This way we can assure the best health for the mama and the babies, as well as the best care from our (human parents) side. We love, care, train, play and sleep with the kittens, so when they are ready to come to your home, thy are social and used to people around them, as well as they are easy on the furniture and floors. 

Why do you have silver and golden kittens if you only have silver parents?

Silver coloration is manifesting when a cat has a color inhibitor gene. Both our silvers are heterozygotous - which means they carry one inhibitor gene. As this gene is dominant, their coats are silver. However, as each of them has only one of these genes, it can happen that their offspring may not receive that gene from either of parents. In such case a golden kitten is born. 

How do I reserve a kitten?

Once you've had some video calls or visited our house in person, you can reserve a kitten until they are ready to go home with you, or until you and your home are ready for the kitten. Once a deposit has been made, we will hold the kitten for you until they or you are ready and we will not advertise them anymore. Please note that the deposits are non-refundable, so make sure you think it through.

Can you deliver a kitten to me?

Yes, we most definitely can. Although we generally prefer it if you come in person and pick them up, we are happy to help and deliver the kitten to your door, should you wish it. Please note that the entire cost of travel needs to be covered by you before the final travel arrangements are made. The kitten payment can be arranged on the pick up. 

Where can I see the prices?

The kitten prices are listed at our gokitty website, you can access the list of available kittens here.

Do you have any other questions?  Let us know!