Shopping essentials

Welcoming a new furry family member into your home is very exciting, however for new pet owners it can also be overwhelming. Please see below a simple shopping list to cross-check with your own list - if you haven't forgotten anything. 

We use all of the products listed below, with some accessories and toys possibly from a different manufacturer (we bought them years ago). 

Please note that the content below contains links to external websites where you can make purchases. As an Amazon affiliate I will be compensated for qualified purchases, however I ONLY link the products I myself use for my cats and kittens. I do not earn any commission from Chewy or  Cat Genie etc. I make most of my own purchases trough Chewy or Amazon. I buy Pretty Litter on Pretty Litter website and I may get a free bag if you make an order through the link below. 

If you prefer to feed your kitten a different diet, it is strongly recommended that the kitten's diet is changed gradually, by mixing the old and new food to prevent any digestive issues. 

Wet food

Purina Fancy Feast Kitten

This is the basis of your kitten's diet. This is the first wet food your kitten will get, while still nursing from mama. While slowly other foods are introduced to their diet, you should stock up on this item for a two-week transition period if you are planning to change their diet. 

Purina Pro-Plan Kitten

A steak-night delicacy. While the basic food remains the basic food, as kittens are nursing less, this wet food is slowly introduced, as we like to spoil our kittens. 

Dry Food

Royal Canin Mother and Newborn Kitten

This is the dry food that mama is fed during pregnancy and nursing. While kittens and cats mostly eat  wet food, the dry food is always available for them if they get extra hungry. This is exactly the food your kitten is used to eating at the moment they are ready to go home with you. You may choose to serve it wet or dry, depending on how much of other wet foods your kitten is consuming.

Royal Canin Kitten  (4-12 months)

If you are happy with the first kitten food, you may continue with kibble for older kittens - up to 1 year of age. The kitten you are taking home has not been eating this food - it is entirely up to you if you would like to choose to continue with this brand.


Kitten Wet Treats

Kittens love it! With high moisture content this is one of the favorite snacks we feed the kittens.

Adult Cat Wet Treats

Our cats love it! With high moisture content this is one of the favorite snacks we feed our babies.

Meat Sticks

Hearty meat sticks are a great treat after a hard play-hunt session, they love it!


Basic Mice

Loved by kittens! Notoriously MIA under couches and in dark corners. You can spray them with catnip spray when your kitten loses interest. Adorable self-occupying toy for your fur baby.

Fishing pole toy

A simple and fantastic choice for an interactive play toy. Multiple fittings - you will have spares when some get shredded to pieces. 

Basic Scratcher

Cheap and simple, this toy gives hours and hours of joyful play to our kittens. They climb on it, chase one another, hide underneath and so on, endlessly. 

Basic tunnel

They love playing in the tunnel. You can DIY one or order one like the one below, fun times guaranteed. 


Leo's Paw Brush

I really like this brush. While on my adult cats I use a broad array of brushes, including this one, for the kittens it's my go-to. 

Chew sticks

For their dental health and overall stimulation - the kittens love playing with these. It's safe and natural. 

Water fountain

While not necessary, it is recommended that you have a water fountain, as most cats tend not to drink enough and flowing water is more enticing than water in a bowl. The fountain below is the one we are using, however there are tons and tons of fountains to choose from. 

Game changer - Cat Genie

I cannot recommend Cat Genie enough. Below is the model I am using, however there are other models available. What I like about this one is that it connects directly to your drain, there is barely any upkeep needed. 


While the amazing Cat Genie solves most of the litter problems for our adult cats, tiny kittens are not ready to use it yet. We use pretty litter as the SECOND litter - while they are getting used to the first litter boxes, they may try to eat the litter and I find paper litter better for 4-8 weeks kittens. Once they reach 8 weeks, we transition them to silica litter and they definitely prefer it. The brand I use is Pretty Litter, however there are many brands to choose from. 

Cat tent / tipi

Any simple hideaway tent will work, you can also DIY it. Cats often like to hide when they are not feeling well, when they are overwhelmed or there is something else going on that may alarm you. Kittens, on the other hand, just love to play and sleep it in it any time. 

Window perch

Cats love looking out of the window. If you don't have space near your window where your cat could lounge, this is a perfect solution. I am including below three types of window perches (I tried out all three). If you are getting a suction cup one, make sure to test the suction cups for any deformity at the beginning. If they get deformed in transport, they will not hold your cat.


Cats love them. Kittens love them. You can easily DIY them (I have, under my chairs). Below two types we have and use. 


A great help for your cat's wellbeing. Especially recommended when there are any changes in your kitty's life - like moving to their new forever home.